A heritage house with plane trees in the foreground

I would like to thank all of those who have congratulated Glen McLeod Legal on its 8th Anniversary.

This is a time to be grateful to our clients, contacts and well-wishers. I am grateful for the loyalty of our staff and the support they receive from their families. We are grateful for how the business has performed in this unique year. No-one planned for COVID-19 and we had to play by ear how we responded. We managed during March, April and May and the business kept going without reduced working hours or enforced leave. We are pleased that, with the end of the Financial year behind us, the trend seems to be positive as far as work-flow is concerned.

In the first part of the Financial year, we were delighted to celebrate the admissions to practice of Lea Hiltenkamp and Chelsea White.

I am also very grateful for the support of our more senior lawyers Connor Fisher and Jess Hamdorf, as well as our Administrative Team, two excellent Practice Managers, Janine Upson and Bridget Thorpe, who job share, with the reliable support of Secretary Brooke Plummer.

We are also grateful to have had with us for most of this year, three capable part time law clerks, Emiko Watanabe, Thomas King and Daniel Morey. They are studying law at University but fortunately find the time during their busy week to work with us.

We are fortunate to live in Australia and in WA, in particular, where we have had no community transmission of COVID-19 for some time. The Country and State are blessed to have the resources to support in large measure the economy following the initial shock of these difficult times. At the same time, we do not assume that the COVID-19 pandemic is fully behind us.

The team at GML is ready to meet the challenges, among other things, by adhering to the firm values, in particular team work and client focus (there is a full statement of our values here). We can look forward to a successful 2020/2021 and wish our clients, friends and supporters likewise.

Best wishes,

Glen McLeod