An aerial view of green agricultural fields of different shades of green

The relationship between planning and environmental law and policy was reflected on in a paper delivered by Glen on 18 September 2014 at a Local Government Planners’ Association (WA) breakfast. He reviewed the development of environmental law over the last thirty years or so, with a particular emphasis on local government. That period covers most of his 38 year career in the law, which started with a two and a half year stint in local government.

The subject was covered under six headings, as follows:

  1. Loss of Innocence.
  2. Land Use Conflicts and Buffers.
  3. Ecologically Sustainable Development.
  4. Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Planning System.
  5. Specific Scheme Provisions Relating to the Environment.
  6. Conclusion – where this takes us for the future.

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