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Decisions of the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and its predecessor the Town Planning Appeal Tribunal have played an important part in the conceptual development of the role of environmental considerations in town planning, which has had a close complementary relationship with the development of policy by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The SAT and WAPC principles have evolved in line with the development of contemporary notions of sustainable development in a way that is not possible under the State’s environmental legislation, which works within a separate legislative and administrative silo. When the Planning and Development Act 2005 (PD Act) was enacted, it continued with the statutory planning system that had existed in this State since the enactment of the Town Planning and Development Act 1928, save for some important changes, one of which was the inclusion a statement of purposes, in section 3 of the new Act. Those purposes included the promotion of the “sustainable use and development of land”: section 3(1)(c) of the PD Act.