On 31 March 2021, Connor Fisher, Chelsea White and Lea Hiltenkamp of this firm attended the ‘Design Matters: Medium Density Symposium’ hosted by the Association of Consulting Architects Australia and Open House Perth. The symposium focussed on the proposed Medium Density Code (Code) which will form part of State Planning Policy 7.1 – Residential Design Codes (Volume 1).

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Medium Density Symposium

We have previously summarised the changes proposed by the Code here.

Hosted at the new Boola Bardip WA Museum it was an animated evening at which we heard from architects, developers and landscape architects about the proposed Medium Density Code. The panel sessions offered insight from panellists about the benefits of the code, such as creating more liveable and sustainable homes, whilst also noting areas in which the Code could go further.

It also offered reflections on how the more aspirational aspects of the Code could be balanced with the interests of developers and financiers who noted concerns about the viability of this type of development on the urban fringe.

As was noted throughout the symposium, the Code is open for public consultation until 16 April 2021. If you are interested in making a submission on the Code and require assistance please contact us at admin@glenmcleodlegal.com or (08) 6460 5179.