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Contaminated site appeals

Should The State Administrative Tribunal have a decision-making role under the contaminated sites act 2003? On 21 January 2014 Glen presented his views on contaminated site appeals in Western Australia at a forum organised by the Australian Land and Groundwater Association. The organiser of the event,  Dr Janet Macmillan said that the ‘… forum brings together a Panel of […]

Clearing prosecution against rural landowner fails

On 23 October 2013 Peter Swift was acquitted in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia of illegally clearing approximately 14 hectares of native vegetation on his 485 hectare property at Pindicup, near Manjimup in the State’s South West. The case consumed over 3 days of Court time. It is not known whether the State will […]

EPA appointment for Glen

Glen was recently appointed to the 5 member Board of the Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia (EPA), for a term of 5 years. Members of the EPA are appointed by the Minister for the Environment (Minister), under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) (EP Act). The EPA is an independent statutory authority. Its primary objective is to […]

Role of law and the Magna Carta – IBA conference

Every year there is a symposium at the IBA’s Annual Conference (see previous post) on the Rule of Law. The 2013 Rule of Law topic was the Magna Carta, the 800th Anniversary of which will occur in 2015.  This was the first in a series. The keynote speaker this year was Justice Stephen Breyer of the […]

Round up of the 2013 IBA conference

Boston 7-11 October session organised by Glen ad other sessions Glen organised a session at the International Bar Association’s (IBA’s) recent annual conference in Boston entitled Environment and Natural Resources Courts – Do We Need Independent and Specialised Adjudicators?  This was done in his capacity as Senior Vice Chair of the IBA’s Environment Health and Safety Committee. The conference was […]

Environmental compliance and enforcement 2013

Glen chaired a seminar organised by Legalwise on 13 June 2013 which addressed some important contemporary environmental compliance and enforcement issues. The topics of the presentations were as follows: Duties of Directors and Senior Management in Environmental Legislation; Ongoing Compliance with Approval Conditions; The Lawyer’s Role in Environmental Incident Response. The presentations were of a high standard and […]

Policy and law – the town planning context

The tension between policy and law is a subject which manifests in many legal areas. In the town planning context, it was recently examined at a Planning Institute of Australia seminar on 26 June. Glen spoke on the subject Planning Policy and the Law (see his powerpoint presentation here). Melanie Debenham presented on the challenges of reconciling policy […]

Change inevitable for the waste sector

Change is inevitable in the waste sector.[1] I can say this confidently on the basis of history. I was reflecting on this in preparing these remarks. As is often the case it is one’s own experience that is the best starting point. In my own case, after being admitted to practice as a lawyer, my first […]

Contaminated sites – liability and management

Glen Chaired a half day Contaminated Sites Seminar for Legalwise seminars [1] on 27 November 2012. Although the event was primarily a continuing professional development event for the legal profession, it was pleasing that a number of environmental consultants and others also attended. The programme steered a middle path between the standard presentational mode and an […]

Strategic planning and approvals for waste services

Strategic Planning and Approvals was the title of an address Glen gave jointly with Charles Johnson, the Principal of the consultancy Planning Context, on 27 November 2012, at a half day Legalwise seminar entitled Waste Management Compliance and Legal Issues[1]  The full presentation can be found in ‘Articles & Speeches’ or here. [1]www.legalwiseseminars.com