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Extension of Submission Period for Waste Consultation Papers

The ‘Review of the Waste Levy – Consultation Period’ and ‘Closing the Loop: Waste Reforms for a Circular Economy Consultation Paper’ were released together in February 2020. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is seeking submissions from key stakeholders on a variety of questions and issues relating to the waste industry. The submission period […]

Environmental Protection Authority releases Environmental Factor Guideline for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

On 16 April 2020 the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of Western Australia released the Environmental Factor Guideline for Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Guideline). The Guideline is an updated version of the draft released in December 2019. The EPA has identified environmental factors that may be impacted by an aspect of a proposal or scheme. The environmental […]

How effective are the newly published exemptions to the planning regime?

Introduction-Exemptions to Planning Requirements We have previously noted some potential effects of COVID-19 on the State’s town planning laws.[1] Particular note was made of the need to assist the holders of planning approvals who may struggle in the current lockdown and dampened economic activity to comply with statutory time limits. There is also the question […]

COVID-19 and its impact on town planning law

The outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has significantly disrupted every facet of life. Planning law has not been immune. Landowners and developers may find themselves hard-pressed to meet deadlines for the substantial commencement of a development approval within in the statutory two years[1] or the implementation of a subdivision approval within the statutory period of […]

Landmark climate change decision, English Court of Appeal applies climate change commitments in judgement against Heathrow Airport extension

Heathrow Airport in London is the second busiest airport in the world and the busiest in Europe. In 2018, the United Kingdom Government announced planned extensions to the airport in its Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England (Policy Statement). The Policy Statement included the […]

Glen Presents at Law Society of Western Australia and Legalwise Seminars

Glen had a busy start to the week. On 16 March 2020 Glen presented at the Law Society of Western Australia’s intensive ‘From the Ground Up: Lawyers Involved in the Making of Cities’. The event focussed on how the state is managing the challenge of creating a liveable city as the urban area grows and […]

Recognition in Doyles Guide 2020

Glen McLeod Legal is pleased to announce our recognition as a first tier planning and environment firm in Western Australia. Glen McLeod, Principal of Glen McLeod Legal has also again been recognised as preeminent in environment and planning law. Achieving this recognition is an honour for the firm and we look forward to continue building […]

Review of the Waste Levy Consultation Paper February 2020

As the face of waste management changes, the State Government will continue to identify both short- and long-term issues. The Review of the Waste Levy – Consultation Paper (Levy Consultation) is intended to provide a broad overview of the waste levy strategic decisions, and to canvas for insights into the future. The Levy Consultation seeks […]

Closing the Loop: Waste Reforms for a Circular Economy Consultation

Waste management is a contentious but important subject. In particular, in recent times a tension has become apparent between the use of the waste levy on waste disposed of to landfill and the practice of stockpiling waste instead of burying it. Two consultation papers have just been released by the Department of Water and Environmental […]